The 4 Essential Rules To Optimum Health And Weight Loss

In the modern digital era, it’s quite ironical that a substantial percentage of the population isn’t aware of what they need to lose weight. There are too many questions on how to live healthy, exercise and losing weight while maintaining the results. That said, a few essential guidelines to optimal health could perhaps make things simpler for those looking for practical weight loss solutions.

Eat Real Food

For those too busy to count calories or monitor what they eat, this is basically the answer to staying healthy and losing weight. Most modern processed foods have empty calories and minimal nutritional value. As such, the body has to work harder to digest and absorb the items, hence using more energy. You will still feel hungry because whatever you’ve eaten didn’t offer any nourishment.

This ends up throwing your bodily systems out of balance. Real food can be defined as any item in its simplest natural form — unpackaged, unprocessed and unpreserved. Eating nutritious food like fruits, vegetables, legumes and naturally raised fish and meat means the body always feels nourished, which eliminates the need for more consumption.

Strive to Improve

When one does the same thing every single day without any improvement or change, it would be hard for any change to happen to their body. Only when you venture outside your comfort zone will you realize any actual improvement. This holds true with any exercise as it does with life in general. So challenge yourself to break records, set higher goals and strive to get better. Forcing yourself out of what you’re used to will deliver change in both body and mind.

Go Outside and Stay Active

As the world transitioned from an active culture to one that depends on gyms to stay active, issues like heart disease and diabetes slowly started to become prevalent. The human body craves the outside and physical activity. Going outdoors and staying active gives one freedom and a calm feeling that they can’t practically get from anything else.


This is often the missing ingredient to most people’s quest to lose weight. Sleep regulates hormones, kills off harmful bacteria that accumulates in the gut and provides sufficient time for the body to repair various tissues Lack of enough sleep impairs immune response and results in fat accumulation due to hormonal imbalances. .  A healthy adult needs 7-9 hours of good quality uninterrupted sleep every night.

To be honest, people need to get back to the basics to correct the healthy and obese society now more than ever. Incorporating these rules into one’s life will help them become healthier, happier and lead a more fulfilling life. And there’s no need to feel overwhelmed; you could take up one measure at a time and proceed to a new one whenever you feel comfortable.