Ninja Gaiden Sigma II


The release of Ninja Gaiden Sigma II was an effort to give the die-hard players of this series a more-advanced version of this timeless videogame classic. For all of you not privy to the shear-mania that this one series has produced allow us to back up a bit and take you down the shadowed paths and dark lurches of the world of the main character, Ryu Hayabasu.

Answers to Prayers

Boasting of more action and better graphics and user gameplay functioning, Ninja Gaiden Sigma II is an answer to the prayers of ninja fighters worldwide. As mentioned above the storyline of Ninja Gaiden follows the adventures of one ninja; Ryu Hayabasu. As the brave hero of Ninja Gaiden it is Ryu and his adventures that have captivated gamers since the first release of the game in 1988. In this newest version of the game Ryu Hayabasu is once again charged with the saving of the planet by evil forces.

Tough Fighting Ninja World

The general water-cooler talks and reviews about Ninja Gaiden Sigma II are along the same lines as the previous version(s). This is to say that the designing team which is Tecmos Team Ninja did not lose sight of the greatest appeal of this lose sight of the greatest appeal of this wonderfulninja fighting game, the difficulty levels.

At times many players have just given up or abandoned totally the levels in which a big bad boss subject proved to be almost unbeatable! This is why the game and the series have remained exponentially favorable and we would not have it any other way!

Ninja Gaiden Sigma II

The main goal for Ryu Hayabasu is to save the earth. That is what he has been trying to do and succeeding at times for over a quarter of a century. Once his people were destroyed Ryu became incensed with finding the evil-doers who brought about this elimination of the ones he loved so very much. Ryu possesses an impressive cache of weaponry that he can summon almost anytime or when he either earns enough points or stumbles across these items throughout the game.

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