Should You Really Switch To Anabolic Steroids For Building Muscles?

Anabolic steroid is nothing but synthetically created testosterone, which is actually a sex hormone produced naturally in our bodies. In medical usage, anabolic steroids are sometimes prescribed to enhance hunger, promote bone growth, to trigger male puberty and reduce the impact of chronic diseases on muscles. Normally these steroids are prescribed as orally consumable pills, injectable medicinal substances and sometimes as skin patches as well.

However, there is another angle to the use & how to inject steroids safely of Anabolic steroids  as well among athletes and Bodybuilders, as they also help in enhancing the size and strength of muscles in an accelerated way than any other natural processes. There is also enough evidence to suggest that they also enhance fierceness and aggression among the users which can come pretty handy in sports as well as places like gyms where bodybuilders pump weights to gain mass and weight in their muscles. When these steroids are consumed, they result in an enhanced production of protein, which is the key ingredient for building muscle mass in the body.

The thing that entices people to use Anabolic Steroids is that they produce faster results in the body and the effects are visible in a much shorter period of time than other natural methods of muscle building. However, due to the adverse impact of these substances on the body if used for a longer period of time, it is not advisable to go for the use of Anabolic steroids to get bulging muscles just for showing off in the public. Apart from helping you gain muscle mass, these substances only bring trouble in the form of increased cholesterol levels, heightened blood pressures, liver damage, changed thyroid function, aggressiveness, headaches, cramps and insulin insensitivity as well.

Moreover when it comes to competing in professional athletic events and professional bodybuilding competitions around the world, the use of all performance enhancing drugs including Anabolic Steroids is strictly prohibited and deemed illegal. Participants who are tested positive for such substances are banned from participating in any of these events held professionally, and the period of ban could easily be between 4 to 5 years, which could easily end the career of any aspiring participant in any of these events.